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Sreenivasa Rao Kankanala

About Me

U wanna know about me .......?

I should say my favorite hobby is reading. However, being a versatile personality ;-) , I also have a few other hobbies, like writing, Poetry, music (listening), swimming, traveling, photography, etc. I find Indian politics interesting and like to analyse the actions of #@$%^&s. ( Since this site is rated G, I am censoring the expletive). I like Sports. I love cricket. Not much. Only as much as every other cricket-crazy Indian. I also like tennis, soccer and hockey. Oof! Lot of stuff for a paragraph, what?

I was born n brought from a nice village In Andhr Pradesh state in INDIA.My childhood and school education entirely gone in my village. My hischool education and Degree in a college near to my Native place.
I love to travel any where in the world.... 

There is still something to say but there to know..................Describe all soon.....

Sreenivasa Rao Kankanala

Six years of experience in object-oriented, client/server analysis, design, development and implementation of full-fledged applications. Also experience as Team Lead, interaction with the client for the status of the project, delivery, review and approval of design. Expert in programming Visual Basic, Asp, Vb.Net, Java, JSP, Servlets, XML, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, C, SQL Server2000, Oracle9i, MySql and Database Analysis, Design, maintenance. Expertise includes software development for service oriented portal, Finance, Consultancy, Educational Institutes and software products. Good technical, analytical and communication skills. A Microsoft Certified Professional on

strong business application software development with extensive experience in system analysis, design, development and implementation of application systems under distributed database application development. Further experience in smart card chip programming which will ultimately instrumental in developing holistic solutions for the company.




Favorites & Hobbies

My favourite Hero is from my childhood is...N T R
*****Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao*****
Movies: I like to watch old & new movies. But always i like comedy and schintific movies
I like to watch TV very much...
I like to Read books always...
I can play cricket...I like tennis, golf,badminton,football.

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
I like old classical music and new pop music...

My favorite Song is ....
Mudda banti poolu petti mogali rekulu jadanu chutti...
(NTR & Savitri) this song i like very much
i like soft and rock music as well.

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